untitled-11-300x199We have been fortunate to have Kat teach yoga to our employees on site three days a week since 2007. The employees and the company have benefited greatly by having mid-day regular yoga classes. Through ongoing practice, employees learn to take what they learn in class — balance, calm mind, happy heart — back to the workplace. Employees have said the regular yoga practice helps with concentration on the job, helps to approach problems calmly and enhances and improves interpersonal relationships with co-workers. The benefits that yoga brings for one’s heart, mind and body provides an infectious focal point of discussion and camaraderie among employees. Kat’s excellent training, experience and natural capabilities ensure that employees have a safe and well-balanced practice. Her long-term work with Kingston has made the practice even more special as she gets to know each of her students’ strengths and weaknesses, and student and instructor form bonds of mutual respect. In a word, our ROI is stellar.

D. Stevens, Fountain Valley, California

I was amazed how my body opened up to Kat’s personal Yoga session with me. I have struggled with shoulder pain from taking Yoga classes, leaving me with not so good feelings about Yoga. After having a personal Yoga session with Kat and her knowledge of the body, her instruction on proper poses was a Huge wake up! The difference in what I had been doing and what she showed me was like night and day. I could FEEL the difference immediately. The poses seemed So much more relaxing and healing as opposed to a struggle to maintain or comfortableness. Her touch, genuine compassionate guidance, skill, and integrity helped me heal from the injury I incurred from doing the poses wrong. Being a healer for others, it was nice to have someone remind me that I need to take care of ME too! Kat is not only a Yoga therapist but a Healer with an inner awareness. She showed me not to fear my body but to respect it. She has opened up new levels of understanding to the Yoga practice. I would highly recommend Kat she is authentic, loving and real!

Laura Kruis, Colorado, Intuitive Healer

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease at age 55. At the time of my diagnosis the entire right side of my body was partially paralyzed. Once medication relieved the paralysis, I enrolled in an employer sponsored Yoga class. I noticed some improvement in my condition. Then I met Kat Tillinghast and started Yoga Therapy twice weekly. As she monitored my progress, she began tailoring each session to my Parkinsons induced “weakness” at that time as well as general conditioning.  The results were amazing. When I informed Kat at the start of our session, that some specific weakness such as balance was a problem that week, Kat would alter the session to address the weakness. She has me doing things I never thought I was capable of doing and the confidence boost it gave me would put the weakness at bay, often for several weeks. I am convinced that her program, customized to my condition, has had a positive, long lasting impact on my physical and mental well being.

Bruce Minett, BOEING, Huntington Beach, CA

Courtney has such a wonderful combination of attributes that make her an effective and motivating yoga instructor. Firstly, her attitude and manner put you at ease from the beginning of each class. She has an innate ability to guide you through poses with an attentive eye, gentle guiding touch and enough advice and restraint to make sure you are getting the most out of each class while emphasizing focus and safety at the same time. It is the focused, but relaxed and stress free way that she leads that make her classes special…..

David Tatum

It was so much more than expected. I intend on continuing (a yoga practice) when I return home to New York. I also strongly recommend this therapy as an integral part of the rehabilitation process. it really compliments the schedule and provides a sense of escape, balance and peacefulness to the patient

Kelly Dawson. Lighthouse, Drug & Alcohol Rehab