Corporate On-site Yoga

Why On-site Corporate Yoga?

mixedlevelflowclassphoto-300x221On-site Corporate Yoga is a fast growing phenomena, due to the increasing awareness of wellness for employees and the benefits, particularly of Yoga, that go along with this attitude. We are proud to announce we offer Corporate On-site Yoga Ventura and Orange County, California

Corporate Yoga Helps employees and the companies they work for equally. If there is a space for Yoga and an hour put aside any time of the day or after hours, West Coast Yoga will come! Most or our companies have an on-site Instructor 2 to 3 times per week. 2 different Level of classes are suggested:

  • One for beginners or those with chronic pain.
  • One for more athletic employees who want a more challenging “power Yoga” class.

We offer Corporate On-site Yoga in Orange County and Ventura County, CA

Corporate yoga lessons are offered in Irvine, Newport Beach, and other locations here in Orange County, CA. We will bring the the benefits of yoga to your team at your location. Furthermore, West Coast Yoga is happy to announce that we now offer corporate classes all over City of Ventura and Ventura County, CA. Please contact Evon here:

Here are some Benefits of On-site Corporate Yoga

  • Less stress in the workplace
  • Improved professional relationships
  • Less sick days
  • Increased production
  • Relief of Back, Neck, Hand and Joint Pain

I  have been going to yoga with Kat for many years and it has helped me in many different ways. I participate in many competitive sport activities, and I have gained a lot of effectiveness through the one pointed attention and focus that she fosters in her classes. Kat has helped my shoulder injuries by suggesting exercise therapies and stretching routines that have been very effective. She is always very aware of any minor injuries I and others in the class have, and often will tailor the class asanas to help take care of those issues. Most of all, Kat has a wonderful spirit and essence about her, has a very uplifting and enthusiastic attitude, and she brings out the hard working warrior in all of us.

Jeff Niesen, Fortune 500 Company, Fountain Valley, CA